Xue Baochai 薛寶釵

Sun Wen; The Wedding Scene

This painting by Sun Wen 孙温 shows the wedding between Baoyu 寶玉 and Baochai 寶釵, where he believes that he is marrying Daiyu 黛玉. The wedding party is surrounded by men bearing lanterns with the sign for double happiness 喜喜, which signifies a wedding. Female musicians on either side of Baoyu are performing.

Closeup of Sun Wen painting of wedding

In this detail from the same painting, it is easier to see Baoyu 寶玉 and Baochai 寶釵.  Baoyu 寶玉 is standing behind the table, dressed in red, wearing his signature headdress with the red ornament.  Baochai 寶釵 has just descended from her sedan chair, and is being supported by two maids.  She is wearing a red veil, which in this image looks like a hood.  That Baochai 寶釵married Baoyu  寶玉 was a traged for Daiyu 黛玉, but it was not a happy ending for Baochai 寶釵, either. When her mother told her in chapter 97 about plans for the wedding (and that it was necessary for Baoyu 寶玉 to believe he was marrying Daiyu 黛玉) she wept.

Xue Baochai 薛寶釵



Fifth paragraph, did Jia Tanchun marry to a foreign country?

The Xue Baochai poem, third line,  攘得月賀旋复缺, I think “贺” should be "圆“, based on the pic. I'm very certain about it. ”月圆“ means full moon, and "缺” means imcomplete (the moon is). A pun here; moon means marriage. "旋“ means soon, in a short while. "复” means again. "攘“ can mean seize. So the line means "she seized the full moon but soon the moon became imcomplete again".


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